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1) You can click here to listen to a song I wrote inspired by our deeply-rooted human denial about climate catastrophe called "We're Running A Big Experiment."

2) THANK YOU to everyone who showed up for Arlington Porchfest!  We had a great time AND raised enough money in our tip jar to (almost) pay for the manufacturing of the first 100 Molly + Will + Carole CDs.  We hope to participate in Concord's Porchfest on September 24th...

3) You can click here to read a blog post I wrote which features a fun song by Molly Ruggles called "Simple Rules."

4) You are welcome to join me for the first public sing-through of a new musical by Didi Stewart on Sunday, September 11th at 7:00 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Medford, MA.  You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

5) You can click here to read a blog post by a fellow blogger — Boomer Eco Crusader — which features my song "We're Running A Big Experiment."

6) Pianist Joe Reid and I are happily sharing our hour-long programs of music at retirement communities around the greater Boston area including Chestnut Park in Brighton, Brightview in Wakefield, Carleton-Willard Village in Bedford, Neville Place in Cambridge, Springhouse in Jamaica Plain, Brightview in Arlington, Fuller Village in Milton, Waterstone At the Circle in Boston, Cornerstone in Milford, Lasell Village in Newton, Newbury Court in Concord, North Hill in Needham, Goddard House in Brookline, Concord Park in West Concord,  Standish Village in Dorchester, the Carriage House in Wayland, The Commons in Lincoln, Avita in Needham, Carriage House at Lee's Farm in Wayland, Atria Marina Place in North Quincy, Brightview in Danvers, and the Center Communities in Brookline. 

Although we and the residents/staff are often still wearing masks — which makes it very hard to see anyone's facial expressions — we still manage to have a great time making music together. And Joe and I are fully vaccinated/boosted.  Please send me a message if you might like us to bring music to YOUR community.

7) You can find me singing on PandoraSpotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other digital music platforms. Just search for "Will McMillan featuring Doug Hammer."

8) You can also find lots of music — along with personal musings — on AMusicaLifeOnPlanetEarth (my blog).

9) I was honored to be interviewed by Ed Karvoski, Jr. for the June 2021 issue of the Fifty Plus Advocate.  You can click here to read it if you are curious.

10) I was delighted to be interviewed by Loren King for the March/April 2021 issue of Boston Spirit magazine. You can click here to read it if you are curious.

Please feel free to wander around my site and learn more about my musical life here on planet earth.

And thank you for dropping by!


Will McMillan standing in tuxedo with hands outstretched. Photo by Stephen C. Fischer

"Few singers captivate an audience as quickly and convincingly as McMillan can. He presents his repertoire with a beguilingly intimate approach all his own.” 

— New England Entertainment Digest

Singer and songwriter Will McMillan has soloed with Pops orchestras, rock bands, and a cappella groups — performing at venues ranging from Scullers Jazz Club in Boston to Yin Par Le Garcon Chinois in Shanghai.

He currently offers programs of his original songs — with accompaniment from a jazz pianist — as well as musical programs highlighting lyricists and composers such as Dorothy Fields, Harold Arlen, Hoagy Carmichael, the Gershwin Brothers, and Cole Porter at retirement communities, coffeehouses, public libraries, synagogues, and memory cafes around New England.

For more music — and a lot of writing! — you can visit his blog:

My Blog

You are welcome to visit my blog — which features at least one song per post— and read about topics ranging from climate change/disaster to songwriters (such as Yip Harburg,  Dorothy Fields and the Gershwin Brothers), to my somewhat unusual childhood working professionally around the USA, to my time as a standby in the original production of Pippin when I was ten years old.

My 100th blog post features the song "Overjoyed" — written by Stevie Wonder and performed by Doug Hammer, (piano), Mike Callahan (clarinet), and me (vocals).


You Can Help Will Keep Making Music...

In the past, I have been reluctant to ask anyone for financial contributions. However, several people — especially when I was leading nightly sing-alongs via Facebook Live in 2020 — told me I needed to offer a tip jar. So here it is!

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New Releases

You are welcome to download these songs on a "pay what you can afford" basis. 

You can also listen to them on various digital music platforms via links on the right side of the music player at the bottom of this screen.

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    Plant A Radish

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    A Beating Heart

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    New Words

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