Let Me Be Strong

A song for healing

"Let me be strong, and moving through fear.

When the truth is blinding, let me see it clear.

And when love comes. let me not hide.

Let my heart be open — let love inside!"

What people are saying about "Let Me Be Strong." 

“Beautiful song… I got on Spotify just to hear it.” — Beth R. 

“Gorgeous vocal and production.  A timely share!” — Mary Elizabeth W. 

“‘Let Me Be Strong’ will bring tears to your eyes.” — Michelle O. 

“Beautiful, so beautiful!” — Shea S. 

“A tour de force.  Bravo, Will!  Sing on...” — Jennie M.  

“Wow, this song is a knock out!  I just downloaded it.  I love your voice...and this song really showcases it.” — Carole B. 

“Just beautiful, Will.  It really does lift the spirits.” — Ed N. 

“I listened to it 3 times on Spotify today and LOVED it!  Incredibly beautiful and touching.” — Alice S. 

“This is a lovely, rhapsodic song full of aching sincerity, and singer Will McMillan has
the purity of voice and projection that amplifies it.” — Al Basile 

“So beautiful!  Your voice is warm, resonant, sad, sweet, sober and compassionate! 
And the timing for this song is right when it is needed...” — Molly R. 

“I just listened to your song.  OMG!!!  So powerful!!  I absolutely love it.  Your music is so soothing and healing.” — Sheryl A.

“Gorgeous vocal” — Daniel G. 

“What a LOVELY song!  It absolutely made my day... and the lyrics feel in-tune with
what we are all going through lately.” — Nichole B. 

"It's beautiful." — Leslie D. 

“Wow... that gave me the goose bumps! — Edie S.C. 

“Let Me Be Strong” is a beautiful and powerful reminder to be open: to love, to truth, to change.
We need this message now more than ever.“ — Heidi H. 

“A beautiful song and lyrics.“ — Brad V. 


“Let Me Be Strong” is not just a love song.


If you are struggling to find a path through the challenges of our daily lives, it’s a song for you.

If you are in need of courage, or craving comfort, it’s a song for you.

If you love words and music that touch your heart, it’s a song for you.

And yes, if you are yearning for love, it’s a song for you, too. 


Will McMillan (singer) and Barbara Baig (who wrote the song)
have heard from many listeners that "Let Me Be Strong"
has moved them to tears, has helped them to open their
hearts, and has given them courage and solace. 


We hope it will do the same for you!

And we invite you to send us your responses to the song by clicking here.

We’ll post them on this page, using only first names.


Thank you for listening.

May all of our hearts let love inside.

Healing Through Song

"As a leader of “The Opening the Heart Workshop” at Kripalu and Omega Institute between 2004 and 2016, I always kept my ear open for music and songs that would help participants to access their feelings. A friend had introduced me to Will some years before, but it was not until 2010 that I heard his recording of Barbara Baig's song “Let Me Be Strong.” I was immediately captivated by its emotional power, and began featuring it at appropriate moments during the workshop. Barbara's lyrics and Will’s interpretation never failed to help fearful people find that place in their hearts where feelings get buried. I usually introduced it as participants rested between two sessions of cathartic emotional release, and was surprised at how often rain was actually beating at the windows of the workshop room as the opening line of the song quietly flowed from the speakers.”
— Peter Watson, Opening The Heart Workshop Coordinator (retired)

"As a chaplain at a psychiatric hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, I ran spirituality groups for both patients and staff.  In these groups, I frequently played Will's recording of “Let Me Be Strong,” and I used the lyrics as prompts for journaling and discussion.  The results were consistently amazing! I saw that, while listening to the heartfelt clarity of Will’s voice and the song’s earth images, patients felt less anxiety and stress. His voice — and the song’s lyrics — gently encouraged them to move more deeply in to self-exploration, and gave them the courage to share their emotions with others, often breaking down long-standing walls of self-isolation.  It was a privilege for me to be a companion on their journey — with “Let Me Be Strong” as our heart-opening guide.”
—Lynn Roberson, Former Chaplain at St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital and Our Lady of Peace Hospital

We'd love to hear any examples about how you've used 'Let Me Be Strong' in your healing practice. 

Let Me Be Strong

Will McMillan featuring Doug Hammer

A song for healing — written by Barbara Baig and recorded at Dreamworld Studios by Will McMillan (vocal), Doug Hammer (piano), Gene Roma (drums), and Chris Rathbun (bass).

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