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New Words

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This lovely song was written by Maury Yeston (TITANIC and NINE) and recorded on a Schimmel grand piano with Doug Hammer playing and engineering.


Look up there — high above us
In a sky of blackest silk.
See how round, like a cookie,
See how white, as white as milk.
Call it the moon, my child,
Say, "moon..."
Sounds like your spoon, my child.
Can you say it?
New words today, say, "moon!"

Near the moon, brightly turning,
See those shining sparks of light?
Each one new, each one burning,
Through the darkness of the night.
We call them stars, my child,
Say, "stars..."
That one is Mars, my child —
It's a planet.
New words today, say, "stars!"

As they twinkle around us,
Playing starry-eyed games,
Who would think it astounds us
Simply naming their names?

Turn your eyes from the skies now —
Turn around and look at me.
There's a light in my eyes now,
And a word for what you see.
We call it love...
Say, "love!"
Not hard to say, my child?
Well, it gets harder...

New words today
We'll learn to say.
Say, "moon," say, "stars," say, "love!"
Say, "moon," say, "stars," say, "love!"
Moon, stars, love...