There’s something for everyone on this delightful CD. The arrangements have a welcoming jazzy feel that encourages you to sing along, and the originals sit comfortably among a bunch of old favorites. It’s upbeat, uplifting music!” - Ellen E.

Carole Bundy, Molly Ruggles and Will McMillan have been savoring soup (made by Carole) and singing together since 2019.

Their repertoire includes original songs — such as "You're Not Alone," "Under My Umbrella," "Walking With My Friend," and "The Crazy Touch and Go Of Our Lives" — plus standards such as "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," "Let's Do It," and "What A Wonderful World" which feature vocal harmonies and unique arrangements by Molly, who also plays piano. 

Molly, Will & Carole performed all over upstate New York, Maine and Massachusetts during 2022, and they are now mulling performance plans for 2023!

They also have released an eight-song CD — which you can listen to below. Here's what people are saying about it:

"Your CD is a joy, packed with gems that ping my heart… I'm loving your delicate harmonies and relaxing blend."Ashley L. 

"I enjoyed the range of songs very much, but I confess one disappointment — I wish there were more!"  — Linda C.

"The CD is terrific — your voices blend beautifully.  You've all got a lovely sense of style, a playful mode, (and) swingy rhythms. And the original compositions by Molly and Will are great.” — Marcia S. 

You can also listen to five of their recordings on streaming platforms by clicking on the following titles: "Simple Rules" (by Molly),  "The Beauty All Around" (by WIll), "The Garden Song" (by Dave Mallett), "A Beating Heart" (by Will), and "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top" (by Rodgers & Hammerstein). 

Thank you for your interest in their music!

Molly Ruggles...has an unmistakable swinging sense…and interprets ballads with the sensitivity of an artist.”

— The Boston Globe