There’s something for everyone on this delightful CD. The arrangements have a welcoming jazzy feel that encourages you to sing along, and the originals sit comfortably among a bunch of old favorites. It’s upbeat, uplifting music!” - Ellen E.

Carole Bundy, Molly Ruggles and Will McMillan have been savoring soup (made by Carole) and singing together since 2019.

Their repertoire includes original songs — such as "You're Not Alone," "Under My Umbrella," "Walking With My Friend," and "The Crazy Touch and Go Of Our Lives" — plus standards such as "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," "Let's Do It," and "What A Wonderful World" which feature vocal harmonies and unique arrangements by Molly, who also plays piano. 

Molly, Will & Carole performed all over upstate New York, Maine and Massachusetts during 2022, and they are now mulling performance plans for 2023!

They also have released an eight-song CD — which you can listen to below. Here's what people are saying about it:

"Your CD is a joy, packed with gems that ping my heart… I'm loving your delicate harmonies and relaxing blend."Ashley L. 

"I enjoyed the range of songs very much, but I confess one disappointment — I wish there were more!"  — Linda C.

"The CD is terrific — your voices blend beautifully.  You've all got a lovely sense of style, a playful mode, (and) swingy rhythms. And the original compositions by Molly and Will are great.” — Marcia S. 

You can also listen to three of their recordings on streaming platforms by clicking on the following titles: "Simple Rules" (by Molly),  "The Beauty All Around" (by WIll), and "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top" (by Rodgers & Hammerstein). 

Thank you for your interest in their music!

Molly Ruggles...has an unmistakable swinging sense…and interprets ballads with the sensitivity of an artist.”

— The Boston Globe