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Let's Go To The River

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Jazz pianist/songwriter Steve Sweeting wrote the melody and Will McMillan wrote the lyrics for this song — which was recorded at Doug Hammer's Dreamworld Studio.


What a day,
Let’s go to the river —
Do something we never
Have the time to do…
We could say today's a vacation
A small invitation to wander away!

Leave your phone at home
And your date book,
Yeah even that great book
You never seem to read…
Spread your wings
And slide out a window —
Wherever the wind blows
Catch a ride!

Can we be without an agenda,
Nothing to remember,
Deliver or to do?
It’s OK, the pavement is humming,
And there’s different drumming
All along the way.

(Piano solo)

Right away our energy’s rising,
No analyzing what we need to do…
We’re on our way to
Whatever may happen!
A tisket a tasket,
And it does not have to rhyme!

Pick up a papaya instead of a six pack —
Dance among the plants.
Just decide today’s an adventure!

Zip zap ba doo li dat doo day!
Break the routine,
Take a deep breath,
And jump in a lake!