Arlington Advocate
November 14, 2013

Arlington musician Will McMillan and his partner return to Scullers

Bobbi Carrey and Arlington resident Will McMillan return to Scullers Jazz Club in Boston with their show, "In Perfect Harmony: Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration," on Thursday, November 14.

"In Perfect Harmony" is about musical partnerships not only the 10-year collaboration between me and Will and our wonderful pianist, Doug Hammer, but also some of the great songwriting teams in musical history — such as Richard Rodgers with Oscar Hammerstein and Harold Arlen with Johnny Mercer," said Carrey.

"We’ll be sharing stories about how certain songs came to be created," said McMillan.

In this show, McMillan and Carrey are putting their harmonies front and center.

"One of the things that has made us special over the years is that many of our songs include beautiful and unusual harmonies," said McMillan. "Partly because Bobbi’s voice is on the low side and mine is on the high side."

McMillan performs around New England with singer Bobbi Carrey in shows about Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Hollywood, Broadway, Business, and Love. They released their first CD, "If I Loved You," and debuted a number of shows at Scullers Jazz Club.

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