Arlington Advocate
September 30, 2004

CD Release Party
at Scullers Jazz Club

On Wednesday, December 1, Arlington resident Will McMillan and Cambridge resident Bobbi Carrey release their new CD "If I Loved You” at Scullers jazz Club with Doug Hammer on piano.

“The response to our sold out Valentine’s show at Scullers last February was so strong,” says McMillan, “that we decided we were ready to record a CD.”

The songs on the new CD range from passionate to parental, romantic to raunchy, and sacred to sarcastic—featuring beloved standards such as “It Might As Well Be Spring” (Rodgers & Hammerstein) and “What Is This Thing Called Love?” (Cole Porter) as well as contemporary gems such as “And So It Goes” (Billy Joel) and “I’ll Cover You” (Jonathan Larson).

“The music we have chosen is evocative of so many different places and times,” says Carrey. “Each song brings up very different memories and feelings depending upon which point in one’s life one uses as a context. When I was a romantic teenager and a 21-year-old bride, Cole Porter’s song “True Love” seemed so possible. Now I experience true love as being more elusive. In a way it feels like this CD is a diary come to life, It takes me back to being a child, being a mom, being married, being divorced, being a friend in need and a friend who’s needed.” Adds McMillan, “It’s been a surprisingly emotional undertaking, but that’s partly because we picked songs with which we strongly resonate.”

The CD does not focus exclusively on romantic love, however. “Will has recorded a great song by Babbie Green about finding a dog at the pound,” says Carrey, “and I do a wonderful song by Amandra McBroom called “The Portrait” about a woman remembering and longing for her mother.

“There are so many facets of love,” says McMillan, “and we want to deal with as many as we can. Love is not ‘either-or.’ It’s ‘both-and.”