Theater Mirror
February 20, 2005

Spring Is Almost Upon Us
By Beverly Creasey

It‘s only February and if you‘ve been to the theater lately, you know it feels a lot like spring. Love is in the air and if Bobbi Carrey and Will McMillan reprise their exceptional celebration of the feeling, run don‘t walk to get your tickets. Their show sold out this past weekend at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.
Each singer, not to mention the fabulous Doug Hammer at the keyboard, is at the top of his game: Bobbi with finely etched emotions embracing the lyrics, Will with his sweet, supple tenor defying gravity like a Flying Wolenda and Doug with his jazz riffs between the lyrics. The only word to describe their agility and daring is “thrill” and what a thrill it was to see them take a song and make dramatic theater out of it.

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