Boston Globe
February 9, 2005

Loves Me, Loves Me Not
By James Reed

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie this Valentine’s Day, just remember: You don't score bonus points by taking your sweetie to a sports bar to watch the Super Bowl victory in slow-motion reruns. If all you need is love, you have plenty of musical options this weekend and on Monday. A few highlights:
A cursory listen to “If I Loved You,” the title track from the debut album by local cabaret champions Bobbi Carrey and Will McMillan, coyly suggests that its singers are saccharine enough to give you cavities. But then they sing Stephen Sondheim’s “The Little Things You Do Together,” and suddenly they're hip to love in all its deliciously dark glory. “It’s things like using force together/ Shouting till you’re hoarse together/ Getting a divorce together/ That make perfect relationships,” they sing back and forth over the plink-plank of a playful piano. They're a fine match. Carrey and McMillan have been singing together for the past three years, often complementing each other with their distinct styles. Carrey sounds plucked straight from a Broadway musical, while McMillan radiates warmth best suited to martinis and a dimmer switch. On Saturday, February 12th, they play an intimate Valentine’s Day show about “love’s many permutations.”

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