Independent Reviewers of New England
February 21, 2003

Rodgers, Hart & Hammerstein
by Wendy Kupferman

I’m posting this with those of you in mind who do not yet have definite plans for this evening (Friday). Although personal circumstances have prevented me from attending way too many cabaret events the past several months, I did make it to the CCAE for a morning performance of “RODGERS, HART & HAMMERSTEIN, An Evening of Performance and Musical History,” featuring Bobbi Carrey & Will McMillan with Henry Schniewind on piano. My companion to the show was my lovely friend Mary, an octogenarian and cabaret aficionado to whom what many of us call “trivia” is a treasure chest of vivid memories. I thought that her comments about the performance summed it up aptly, so for your information, part of what she said was, “that was heavenly. I could have stayed for hours...they certainly did their homework...they were wonderful!” The show is a musical presentation of great songs from well-known musicals, along with informative, often amusing and anecdotal history. If you’ve been to shows by the likes of historical archivists & cabaret duo Ben and Brad (Sears and Conner), or duo “Lynn and Mike” (Jackson and Palter), you know what it’s like when historical information is gracefully incorporated into patter that is, of course, also extemporaneous. Will and Bobbi clearly have what it takes to deliver the history with the songs, as well as terrific chemistry as a duo. Most readers of this list are familiar with Will McMillan’s many contributions to the local cabaret scene, and as far as this post is concerned, his brilliance as a performer. For this show, he joins Bobbi Carrey, a newer up and coming performer who has become quite active on this list. As you’ve read in previous posts, Bobbi is also getting terrific press coverage, most recently re her decision to pursue a cabaret career full-time, and with regard to her recent debut CD with Tomi Hayashi, “Between the Wars.” The pair sing solos and duets from popular Broadway musicals including “Pal Joey,” “Oklahoma,” “The Sound of Music,’ “Carousel,” and others. You may be surprised by who sings what! When they harmonize they sound absolutely beautiful, their voices blending in perfect balance. If you’ve never heard Henry Schniewind before, you’ll be introduced to another amazing accompanist in our area who plays the piano with originality and finesse! “RODGERS, HART, & HAMMERSTEIN” is a real treat. Old standards like "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" gain new meaning with the added perspectives provided by historical information and personal observations. If you haven’t decided what to do this evening, again, I just want to tell you that this is a show well worth the drive to The Center for the Arts in Natick, where it starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12 tonight with discounts for seniors and students. The center is located at 31 Main St. in Natick. For more information you can call the center at 508-647-0097 or 508-647-0179, or go to their site at